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New Product Release 

Prepare to be totally absorbed
Your passengers will be amazed as they immerse themselves in a cinema experience made possible by the VDO Dayton DOM 6500, with its 8-inch overhead monitor and integrated DVD player bringing film heroes into the car. The DOM 6500 plays DVD, (S)VCD, JPEG, MP3 and audio CDs. And itís not just the range of formats handled that makes it so versatile: itís also designed for easy integration into existing multimedia systems, or can be used alone. Whatís more, it can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to meet your viewing needs.

  • 8" Overhead Monitor with integrated DVD Player
  • All-In-One Automotive multimedia system
  • 16:9 Widescreen Display
  • Integrated DVD player for DVD, (S)VCD, JPEG, MP3, CD-A
  • Infrared Headphone Transmitter (Headphone package as accessory)
  • Output for 2 wired Headphones (with individual volume control)
  • Input for 2 AV sources (1 on front for quick access)
  • AV Output for 2nd monitor and / or Audio System
  • 2 integrated Dome Lights

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 Popular Product 

Have you got NAV!

Here's how it works ...

The Navigation computer receives signals from GPS satellites, an inbuilt gyroscope sensor (electronic compass), and a vehicle speed sensor in combination to determine the vehicle's position. By comparing this calibration to the map disc in the computer, the true vehicle position is accurate to within metres. The system always remains accurate, even in tunnels or when GPS reception is compromised.

  • Every VDO Dayton navigation system sold in New Zealand uses the GeoSmart in-car navigation database.
  • With coverage that delivers superior navigation capabilities, the GeoSmart product provides NZ drivers with one of the most advanced navigation road databases in the world.
  • All VDO Dayton navigation computers now feature the revolutionary new C-IQ content concept. Choose from a range of map content plans. Connect our optional multimedia extensions to enjoy TV or DVD on the navigation monitor.

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Here's what New Zealand's leading In-Car Navigation System has to offer ...

  • Map Scale
  • Distance to Next Turn
  • Next Turn
  • Advanced Direction Indicator
  • Current Position
  • Current Location
  • Distance to Destination
  • Estimated Time of Arrival

Key Features:

  • Continually updated guidance and pictograms.
  • Spoken guidance instructions with gender and language choice.
  • User selectable pictogram, map (100m to 1,000Km scale) or split screen display.
  • Automatic switching of day and night colour schemes.
  • Destination input entry by City, Street, Junction, House number (where available) Latitude/Longitude or Point of Interest (POI).
  • IR remote control with docking cradle and back lit function buttons.
  • 200 Address book memory capacity with "Home" and "Work" presets.
  • Alternative route function for fast detours.
  • Via point function for pre-programming route plan.
  • Route selection choices; Fastest, Shortest, Main/Non Main Roads, with minimisation of Tool Roads, Ferries and Tunnels.

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