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 Part No.  Product Name / Description  Market Price NZ$
  HEL-1108   Fog Lamp $98.99
  HEL-1108-2   Fog Lamp $105.60
  HEL-1109   Fog Lamp $98.99
  HEL-1109-2   Fog Lamp $105.60
  HEL-1110   Fog Lamp - White Optic $95.71
  HEL-1110-2   Fog Lamp - Amber Optic $101.20
  HEL-1111   Fog Lamp - White Optic $143.00
  HEL-1112   Fog Lamp - White Optic $88.00
  HEL-1112-2   Fog Lamp - Amber Optic $94.60
  HEL-1113   Fog Lamp - White Optic $91.30

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