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 Part No.  Product Name / Description  Market Price NZ$
  HEL-4653   Heavy Duty Battery Master Switch $103.40
  HEL-5243   LED CHMSL - 12V $45.10
  HEL-5243-24V   LED CHMSL - 24V $45.10
  HEL-5243-24V-CLEAR   LED CHMSL - 24V $45.10
  HEL-5243-CLEAR   LED CHMSL - 12V $45.10
  HEL-6014   Dual Trumpet Air Horn Kit - 12V $58.30
  HEL-6023   Reversing Buzzer - 12V $67.09
  HEL-6024   Reversing Buzzer - 24V $77.00
  HEL-6027   Dual Trumpet Air Horn Kit - 24V $76.56
  HEL-6043   Evacuator Plus - 97dB $102.31

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