Fuel Injection
    Fault diagnosis using 'up to date' test equipment.
Technical Tips  
Did you know?

Your vehicle oxygen sensor should be replaced every 60,000KM. This will give you increased fuel economy and improved performance.
Computers (Electronic Control Units)
    Extensive range of exchange units.
Tune Ups
    Full tuning service available.
Starter Motors & Alternators
    Large range of parts and complete units in store.
    From small wiring repairs and fault diagnosis, to total vehicle rewires.
    Automotive, commercial, deep cycle, traction, and much more...
    Free instore diagnosis and fitting on all automotive batteries.
Did you know?

By fitting a relay to your vehicle's headlight circuit you will increase the brightness of your headlights.
    Stock on all automotive lighting is available in store.
Vehicle Security & Audio
    Full installation service by fully qualified installers.
Air Conditioning
    Total automotive air conditioning service available.

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